Your Helpers And Your Body

Your Helpers And Your Body

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Start Date: Saturday, April 6, 2024
End Date: Friday, April 12, 2024
Includes: 7 daily calls
Length: 07:33:40

Your helpers are, of course, helping you have this physical experience.

Your body is, of course, at the very center of this physical experience.

Although it appears to be real and solid, your body is a hologram and quite flexible in ways you might not have quite yet noticed.

Your body can shift and change and evolve much faster than you might imagine possible, particularly when you bring your helpers to the table.

In order for this to happen, however, you might have to lessen your grip on how tightly you are managing your physical experience.

In this series, we offer you several opportunities to hand your body's function and form over to your helpers.

You certainly do not need to do this, but you might very well wish to do so.

After all, the air you breathe and the food you eat is manifesting into form and available thanks to your helpers holding the idea of that which you desire as being inevitable and immediate.

They can do the same for you with your body.

In this series of 7 daily conversations, we invite you to remember the fact that your body is a constructed idea held in place by the focus of your helpers and they can help you have it in ways that you truly desire.

1. Your helpers and your body.

2. Your helpers as the mechanics of your body and its surrounding reality.

3. You inhabit a living hologram.

4. Specific fixes produce more specific problems.

5. Knowing your body better is what your helpers do and so can you.

6. The swirling twirling energy vortex that is your sense of self.

7. You took the trouble to wake up this morning and that is a significant thing.

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