Why Are You Here?

Why Are You Here?

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Start Date: Wednesday, September 3, 2014
End Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Includes: 7 conversations,
Length: 01:24:31

Now, indeed this is a series of conversations that we could probably and more rightly call something like your divine purpose.

For you are divine and you give purpose to your life just by being here.

However, we think it's much more to the point and less contrived to just simply discuss, for seven days and through one workshop, why you are indeed here.

You see, you create your reality. You do not co-create it. You do not partially create it. You create it. Plain and simple.

As such, what you are doing is assembling ideas and desires, giving your blessing to some and not others through your preferences, and then sculpting them together and bringing very specific ones into place, in a physical sense, through a rather narrow spectrum.

This narrow spectrum is built through resistance and allowing. Both are needed to keep it together because, as we've said many times, it is a highly unnatural thing for you to be alive.

Highly wonderful, highly powerful, highly delicious, but highly unnatural.

What is natural is for your thoughts to manifest themselves instantly.

What is natural is for you to ~ and apart from your body and your personality and your name.

What is natural is for you to know that you are indeed an extension of unconditional love, unfettered in any way.

However, in this place of light and shadow, sweet and sour and salty, red and yellow and orange and purple, there is great delight in the contrast that arises as a result of the resistance you apply to your true self in order to squeeze into the tight space of physical reality.

So, the question for this series comes down to something very simple: why did you wake up this morning?

What is going on here, in this grand illusion, that is what you are wanting?

In other words: why are you here?

We invite you to join us as we explore this question over seven days.

Each morning, over these seven days, you will wake up back in your amazing, delicious, astounding, pleasing, delightful, and just plain wonderful physical reality.

And each morning, over these seven days, you will have done so for a reason.

And each morning, over these seven days, you will have yet another opportunity to answer the question, to your immense satisfaction, "Why am I here?"

We look forward to all the wondrousness that we know will inevitably arise for each of you as a result.

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