When It Feels Better

When It Feels Better

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7 day series, Intuition, Metaphysics


Start Date: Saturday, June 20, 2015
End Date: Friday, June 26, 2015
Includes: 7 conversations, 1 workshop
Length: 02:29:56

Seven thoughts to consider:

1. There is something so simple that you can do right now that is immediately effective and always available.

2. There is always, right in front of you, an action or a thought or a word that you can do, think, or say.

3. It is always being presented to you in exactly the right way at the right time with the right people, right where you are.

4. There is no end to what you can experience from doing this.

5. It is never too late to make this choice. And it is never too early, either.

6. It is, quite literally, how you actually think when you are aligned with yourself.

7. The flow of unconditional love is revealed to you within it.

What are these seven statements referring to? They are all about what happens when it feels better.

In this series of morning conversations, we will be going to some very delicious places about this topic that you have heard us speak about many countless times.

If you think you know all there is to know about what happens when it feels better, we invite you to consider this morning series because, as we go more deliciously into this topic, there will be even more insights.

Above all things, it is our intention that this be a conversation that stimulates, inspires, and simplifies.

And, we will be doing so from a place of amplification. What we mean by that is that we will be offering our ideas about this topic in as easy and simple and direct a way as possible, and even better than that.

We know that this can appear to be the simplest idea in theory and yet the most complex one to apply.

We will be starting on an amplified adventure of delight in this series as we talk in the most practical ways possible about what exactly it means when it feels better.

You are invited to a powerful adventure of insight and application.

When it feels better, of course.

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