Wealth Integration

Wealth Integration

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Start Date: Friday, July 1, 2011
End Date: Thursday, July 28, 2011
Includes: 28 conversations, 5 workshops
Length: 10:03:19

When you think about wealth, you have some very specific ideas about what it is and what it might be.

No two people conceive of wealth in exactly the same way and that is exactly right. For you are the diversity of creation in action in this way and we love exploring these ideas and amplifying them with you.

We invite you now to contemplate the idea that wealth is already a given and that you are integrating it deeply into your current moment existence.

This integration transcends what you see and relies powerfully and decidedly on what you feel. And that is the journey we would like to take with you: deepening and broadening your feeling of wealth as it becomes the new normal.

We really do like this idea and we are looking forward to all the ways that we can explore it with you and all the new and wonderful creations that you will bring forth as you relax more and more into the inevitability of the wealth and wellbeing that you have summoned.

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