Unreasonable Relationship

Unreasonable Relationship

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7 day series, Relationship, Unreasonable


Start Date: Saturday, September 24, 2016
End Date: Friday, September 30, 2016
Includes: 7 daily calls
Length: 03:50:08

The idea behind being reasonable with other people, particularly your beloved, is that you certainly don't want to be difficult or you might be tossed aside.

We know that this is just a tiny sliver of a very large pie but, nonetheless, there is a strategy behind your reasonableness in your relationship that we want to bring to light and invite you to walk away from as you choose something much more powerful and beneficial.

Regardless of your relationship status, whether you call yourself single, dating, engaged, or betrothed, you have the ability, right now, to decide for an astonishing relationship by walking away from the tools, strategies, and tactics developed in a chaotic universe.

During these seven daily calls we invite you to notice the power of the relationship you have now, even if you are so-called single, and we invite you to bring your questions about your relationship to the table so that you can find more of what you have long-ago intended to have and see how powerfully present is the freedom, joy, and abundance of who you are in your relationship right now.

If there is someone by your side, then this series of conversations can help you align yourself to the reality of the relationship, in truth, as it exists and evolves through your intention.

It's already amazing. Now you can see how amazing, and delicious, and delightful your relationship actually is.

If you believe yourself to be single, we invite you to realize that is not the case. Just because you can't see or touch this person doesn't mean they don't exist.

Everyone who has the desire for it is already in an astonishingly delicious relationship regardless of appearances.

This is the core of this conversation.

As with all of these, we know that this particular series of conversations, questions, and answers will be the best one yet.

And, as always, we invite you to be part of this amazing magic as it feels better to do so.

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