Activating The Tipping Point

Activating The Tipping Point

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7 day series, Metaphysics, Oldies but goodies!


Start Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2013
End Date: Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Includes: 7 conversations, 1 workshops
Length: 03:15:00

If you look at how waves flow in and out, you will see that each one crests and then recedes.

The tipping point of any intentional or default manifestation is similar to the crest of a wave. It's only significant when it's actually tipping over from vibrational to physical manifested reality. Otherwise, it's just so much water.

What the tipping point means is that specific moment, or series of moments, when you are more in alignment with the having of your idea that you are in resistance to it. Once that momentum takes over, then the manifestation is imminent and you can feel it.

There is no one way to activate the tipping point. But you can easily identify how it feels and come to more fully understand what the your inner conditions are for allowing just the right wave.

In this 7-day series, we will be walking through ideas about how you can activate the tipping point on specific desires within yourself: desires that you are wanting to come into manifested reality.

We will be offering you some core concepts about this topic and the importance of treating these ideas more like waves and flowing with them.

We will also be offering a process or two to help speed you along your way.

We will be very much looking forward to the workshop portion of this conversation and will be inviting you to gather your questions so we can jump on them and help you sort out the delicious and juicy contrast that this series will help bring to the tipping point.

You are welcome to join us whether you understand the underlying idea here or whether this seems wholly novel to you.

This will be a wonderfully powerful ride and romp and we look forward to connecting with you as it moves along.

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