The Problem With Deciding Against

The Problem With Deciding Against

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7 day series, The problem with


Start Date: Saturday, September 21, 2019
End Date: Friday, September 27, 2019
Includes: 7 daily calls
Length: 04:24:14

When you decide for what you desire, the universe of your thoughts follows your lead.

The examples of this are nearly endless and quite literally fill your day.

When you open your eyes, you have decided for this and your body follows your lead and, as a manifestation of the universe of your thoughts, your eyelids fly open and your retina takes in the light and your brain passes the signals along to your mind and, thus, you see in the way you expect to see.

You make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions like this in an hour.

Deciding for what you desire is the primary decision you make, but it's not the only one.

There are times when you think you are deciding against an unwanted experience and are frustrated because you still have to deal with it.

In this series of 7 daily conversations, along with your powerful questions, we invite you to recognize when you are trying to block something you don't want by deciding against it.

Deciding against something actually stymies the flow of energy that is naturally moving through you.

It was the flow of energy that gave you the contrasting desire to open your eyes.

That, from your perspective, is simple and easy.

And it can be just as easy to move away from frustrating yourself by recognizing the problem with trying to decide against something.

There are likely many stands you've taken against certain very important things in your life:

Deciding against frustration in your relationship...

Deciding against being broke...

Deciding against doing meaningless work...

Deciding against ill health...

Deciding against being overweight...

Deciding against being late...

Deciding against dealing with people you don't like...

Deciding against missing the good things in life...

Having decided against these things, it's quite likely you are continuing to do so as they keep popping up, again and again, to be dealt with...

If you wish to explore what you might be able to decide for instead of deciding against, we invite you to join us for this very delicious series of conversations, questions, and answers.

We know, as always, that this will be very best of the conversations we have we with you.

After all, we've decided that this is so and thus it will be...

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