The Only Thought That Matters

The Only Thought That Matters

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Start Date: Saturday, June 10, 2017
End Date: Friday, June 16, 2017
Includes: 8 daily calls
Length: 04:47:21

There is only ever one thought that matters.

It's not the one you had a few minutes ago.

It's not the one you had once about something long ago that is painful to remember.

It's not the one you had yesterday that you think you've now forgotten.

The only thought that matters is the next one.


You live in a friendly universe composed of your own thoughts...

You are at the center of this universe of your thoughts...

It is operating on your behalf and to your benefit.


Whether you take advantage of the power in the next thought is irrelevant at any given moment...

Whether you choose the thought that feels better next isn't a big deal...

Whether you can figure out what this next thought might be is meaningless.


You can decide that the next thought is easy to get to...

You can realize that the next thought is one that does indeed feel better...

You can open yourself up to the possibility that, as easy as that next thought is to get to and as better as it feels, the next one is even easier and feels even better.

In this delicious series of 7 daily conversations, combined with your powerful questions and our specific answers, we invite you to put your attention, easily, gently, kindly, on the only thought that matters: the next one.

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