The Client Train

The Client Train

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28 day series, Business


Start Date: Tuesday, March 1, 2011
End Date: Monday, March 28, 2011
Includes: 28 conversations
Length: 09:03:20

This series is a powerful approach to rampaging and allowing on the topic of more clients, improved revenues, and powerful business expansion.

This is a purely selfish 28 days of rampaging, soothing, and allowing on some pretty awesome topics:

  • allowing more and more delightful clients
  • making perfect connections
  • creating just-right experiences for everyone
  • developing and deepening new and existing relationships
  • intending and allowing delicious outcomes for all concerned
  • trusting in the unfolding of an already inevitably wonderful process
  • feeling the freedom of more income now
  • imagining more and more of all the good stuff that’s definitely coming

And that's just a start!

A rampage is a powerful way of bringing the delicious future into this now moment.

You're invited to get on board and join in the fun, freedom, and allowing as often as feels better to you.

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