The Tastiest Morsel

The Tastiest Morsel

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Start Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2013
End Date: Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Includes: 7 conversations, 1 workshops
Length: 03:03:12

In this short and sweet 7-day series, we invite you to lay down the idea that food is bad for you and to pick up a new idea that you are always being helped in every way by everything, and that includes the food that you eat.

It's a rather novel idea to look at food as being your friend, but it indeed is and always has been. Perhaps in the past, you asked food to show you that you were not healthy or to help you have a body you believed you should have but didn't want.

In this conversation series, we will be walking through several ideas that might very well help you change your mind and decide that the food that you find to be tastiest is actually the food that will most help you in all the ways that you will allow it.

We begin with the idea that your body is perfect already in its size, shape, and state of wellbeing.

Then we move on to the idea that there might be something more you are wanting in your physical experience: more freedom of movement, more joie-de-vivre, more fluidity, more ease, more delight...

And then we invite you to allow the food that you eat to be part of that experience.

Believe us when we say that if you are not enjoying the food that you are eating, then you are missing one of the most delicious aspects of the physical experience and we very much invite you to find what you want in this arena, if that feels better to you to do.

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