Prospering Relationships

Prospering Relationships

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21 day series, Business, Relationships


Start Date: Wednesday, January 1, 2014
End Date: Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Includes: 21 conversations, 2 workshops
Length: 06:24:32

In this powerful 21-day series, we explore with you the nature of your abundance and how it flows to you through the infinite channels of good, most of which are found in your relationships.

This series will be perfect for those who are drawn to it, but, in particular, we will be focusing on these concepts:

  • Each relationship you have is unique
  • Each relationship you have is with you
  • The importance to you in the recognition of the power of letting others be who they are
  • Holding back less and less
  • Everyone wins

If you are in a relationship to get something, you are not in a prospering relationship.

If you are in a relationship out of obligation, you are not in a prospering relationship.

If you are in a relationship to make something happen or to prevent something from happening, you are not in a prospering relationship.

Your prospering relationships are normal and natural when you let them be so. And they are quite easy to be in and fun and delicious as well.

We invite you to think about these things as we walk with you through these series of conversations.

Most of all, we invite you to notice how it is not only possible, it is actually inevitable, that each of your relationships will be quite wonderful and that each person involved will actually win.

All relationships are an extension of the unconditional love that you are and that loves finds its expression through you and because of you and so, every relationship is potently blessed.

This series is all about discovering how that is true already and opening up to the prosperous and abundant nature of every connection you have with everyone.

We invite you to join us for the delight and the joy and the relief of these ideas.

Every relationship can be a prospering relationship. It's just a matter of you deciding that is possible. The Universe of your thoughts will, as always, do the rest.

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