Preparing the New Year

Preparing the New Year

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7 day series, Oldies but goodies!


Start Date: Wednesday, December 25, 2013
End Date: Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Includes: 7 conversations, 1 workshops
Length: 02:41:03

As you well know, time is merely a construct that you use to organize your experience.

So, in essence, there is no new year. There is only where you are in relationship to yourself and that is now.

However, the construct of a New Year is a powerful metaphor and can be used to leverage all sorts of deliciousness into being if you are so inclined.

As this year comes to a close, we invite you to spend 7 days with us as we speak with you about the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

In this series, we will be offering our suggestions about specific ways you can prepare for a new year.

Now, these suggestions are not rituals or practices, which are quite useful in their way. Rather, our suggestions about thoughts that you can think and energies you can summon through your focus that propel you into the new year that you are preparing for.

You see, to prepare for something is to simply think about it in advance and decide what you expect to come into being and to make the way clear for that, or something better to happen.

Each day of this series will be on a specific topic that you may want to use to prepare for the coming year.

When that gateway of time known as New Year's Eve arrives, you will have an excellent opportunity to look forward with delicious anticipation, knowing that as good as this year has been, the next year will be even better and better.

And on that auspicious day, just before the dawning of the new year, you will have an opportunity to workshop with us and bring your juicy topics to the table as we help you find even better and better ways of deciding for what you want as you drop what you don't.

We very much look forward to connecting with each of you through this series and know that this coming time, however you frame it, will be quite wonderful and delicious, indeed.

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