Practical Versioning

Practical Versioning

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7 day series, Versioning


Start Date: Saturday, January 27, 2024
End Date: Friday, February 2, 2024
Includes: 7 daily calls
Length: 10:14:05

In many ways, we could say that versioning is synonymous with metaphysics but that's not exactly right.

Rather, we could say that versioning is a highly practical way of applying the concepts of metaphysics directly to whatever situation, relationship, or desire you might have.

Versioning is most definitely synonymous with imagining, intending, having, and allowing.

Through this series of 7 daily calls along with 7 daily processes and your powerful questions, we are inviting you to apply versioning in the most practical ways when it comes to whatever contrast rises up to help you further have what you are wanting.

This is a practical universe you are manifesting and everything is happening for you.

Practical versioning brings you into alignment with that which you are manifesting and helps you turn away from your opposition to it.

1. Practical versioning. You're versioning all the time. Let's talk about that.

2. Versioning and imagining. When you imagine something, you automatically version it. Let's look into that on a practical level.

3. Versioning and what you desire. Your desires seek physical expression and are not hiding from you. Let's use versioning to move into that shared space.

4. Versioning and your past. Nothing exists in your past but that doesn't mean you don't have thoughts tagged as being connected to the past. Let's revise your current thoughts about the past and look at the impact that brings into the present.

5. Versioning and the future. Nothing exists in the future for it is not yet experienced. Let's use versioning to have the future moment you seek in the practical now moment.

6. Versioning and other people. Other people are extensions of you and you are in constant contact with them whether you notice this or not. Let's use versioning to sit down and have some nice, delicious chats.

7. Versioning and your helpers. Your helpers are versions of you like ever other part of your reality and they are doing some amazing things for you. Let's use versioning to interact with them and delight in the magic they offer you constantly and consistently.

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