Now That I Know

Now That I Know

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Start Date: Monday, July 23, 2012
End Date: Sunday, August 12, 2012
Includes: 21 conversations, 2 workshops
Length: 04:40:30

In this series, it is our powerful desire to bring you examples of how your life might be slightly different in a way that feels better now that you know you are creating your own reality.

There will be nothing ground-shattering here unless you discover a piece of contrast within yourself that shines a light on an old thought, once considered very dear and very helpful, that has long outlived its usefulness.

By spending some time with us as we discuss how things are different now (something we like to call "positive contrast"), we know that you will discover how much better your life is and how much better it is getting now that you know that you are creating your own reality.

We will be discussing very specific scenarios in very practical ways about how you might now be approaching an idea about your life, your experience, your relationships, your money, your work, your health, and your sense of wellbeing now that you know that you are creating your own reality.

In these discussions, we have no doubt that you will discover points of view and ways of looking at who you are and who you are becoming that will show you, quite plainly and quite clearly, that, on a very practical level, right on the ground, that you are quite powerfully and quite confidently creating your reality and how, because you are understanding this more profoundly, life is getting better and easier, moment after moment and day after day.

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