Making Friends With Money

Making Friends With Money

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7 day series, Wealth


Start Date: Saturday, October 15, 2022
End Date: Friday, October 21, 2022
Includes: 7 daily calls
Length: 05:31:27

To begin, let us be clear...

We are suggesting that it is not only possible but also a very good idea to think about making friends with money.

Now, you're already very good friends, indeed, with cash.

Here we are inviting you to go into your imagination and begin to feel your way into how it is, exactly, that money as an abstract concept has been helping you all along.

You've projected your hopes and dreams along with your sadness and disappointment onto money.

And it has done a marvelous job in being something you could treat badly while, at the same time, keeping cash in its native pristine state.

So, in this series of 7 daily calls, we invite you to begin to make friends with money, that abstract and imaginary idea that has been helping you have more and more cash.

We invite you to get ready to see a very big shift in your perception on what abundance truly is and where you sit in relationship to wealth.

We know that something quite wonderful and quite powerful is rising up here to help you and that help is coming through money, that imaginary and abstract idea about abundance that has been helping you all along.

We most definitely are looking forward to being in your presence as you discover the power that is to be had in this series of conversations, questions, and answers and know that it will be quite delicious and delightful indeed.

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