Living Your Magical Life

Living Your Magical Life

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21 day series


Start Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2012
End Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Includes: 25 conversations, 3 workshops
Length: 07:48:07

What does it mean to live a magical life?

To start with, we would say that a magical life is one where the focus is less on worry and more on wonder.

But that's just where we would start.

You see, we have no idea what your magical life will look like because you are the one creating it and it is completely unique to you.

But we can easily imagine that it is a life spent more on delight and less on despair.

And it is a life with more relaxing and less getting it done.

In our conversations with you on the delicious topic, we will be giving you ideas and techniques that you can build upon to create a more magical life.

And the wonderful thing is that you need not wait.

Each day, we will be telling you all about the magical life that is all around you and that comes from within you.

It is our intention that you will awaken to this magical life more than you ever have before.

We know this is going to be our most delicious series of conversations with you so far and we very much look forward to all the ways we will be connecting with you through them.

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