Living Your Inspired Life

Living Your Inspired Life

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21 day series


Start Date: Wednesday, July 9, 2014
End Date: Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Includes: 21 conversations, 0 workshops
Length: 04:26:21

To live your inspired life is to simply decide that what you feel, which is at the heart of who you are in relation to what you are creating, is more important than anything else.

To live your inspired life is not to abandon the logic of linear reality, but to realize that it is but a tool that you use when it is needed.

To live your inspired life is to realize that you really can have what you actually want and that the having of it is already unfolding.

To live your inspired life is to recognize that action for the sake of getting things done will only get you so far.

To live your inspired life is to honor your powerful desires and allow them to work themselves out, through, and into your physical experience.

To live your inspired life is something we definitely invite you to contemplate and try out to see how it works.

And, to that end, we propose to offer you 21 days of conversations and suggested simple exercises you can use in a very practical fashion to turn more powerfully towards your inner knowing.

Now, inspiration is something that is always available to you.

And, as such, you have a constant flow of creative and useful ideas that are always within reach.

The trick to living your inspired life is to allow yourself to direct the flow of energy generally and let the infinite intelligence of the Universe of your thoughts bring you inspiration specifically.

So, this series will be, in many ways, about letting go of what you think you know how to control and helping you realize how easy it is to surrender over something you didn't really want in the first place.

We will be inviting you to understand this powerfully in one specific way at the beginning of this series by not listing out topics for this series in advance.

For ourselves, we can demonstrate to you how you can be ready for anything at any moment by just showing up where you want to be and letting words and actions, thoughts and awareness to flow through you.

That truly is living your inspired life.

You go where you want to go, you be where you want to be, and the mechanics of your interactions, your words, your connections, and all these things take care of themselves.

So, in this series, we start with a blank slate, knowing that through your participation in both physical and non-physical ways, we will end up with a rich tapestry of delight and that you will be quite satisfied with the result.

We invite you to join us for this very practical experience that will certainly lead you to living your inspired life!

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