The Joy of Intentional Manifestation

The Joy of Intentional Manifestation

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Start Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2014
End Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Includes: 21 conversations, 3 workshops
Length: 06:27:22

When we mention to you, as we often do, that it is our profound delight and honor to be with you as you are allowing yourselves to actually have what it is that you actually want, these are no small words.

It is quite a delight and a wonder to ride the waves of desire that arise as a result of what it actually feels like to encounter the object of your attention, as you come into the having of what you intentionally decided to create.

So, in this series of conversations, we invite you to enjoy the same expansion and wonder and joy and awe as you notice, again and again, how powerful it is to actually have what you actually want.

Each conversation will be an opportunity for you to tune into this very unique vibration, for which no word appears to us to be adequate.

We know that you will know whether this series is right for you.

On that note, we want to invite you to take a moment, whatever you may be doing and wherever you go from here, to take a breath and feel into how glorious it actually is to be right where you are, right as you are, and in all that you are becoming.

To know this, for just a moment even, is the goal behind this series.

And, then, to cultivate that deepening and ever-more-delicious vibration as it grows in your awareness.

We cannot help but say it again: there really is nothing more wonderful and amazing than to be in the presence of any being of light who is coming awake in this magnificent dream and realizing the scope of what is possible.

And we look forward to connecting with you in all these ways, and more, as you have this experience again and again and again.

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