Intending Is Manifesting

Intending Is Manifesting

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7 day series, Intending, Manifesting


Start Date: Saturday, November 13, 2021
End Date: Friday, November 19, 2021
Includes: 7 daily calls
Length: 05:09:17

Today we want to introduce you to a new series of conversations that we're calling "Intending is Manifesting."

When we talk about the discrete steps steps of intentional manifesting, we talk about contrast and desire. We talk about imagining. We talk about intending. We talk about allowing. And we talk about having.

But these are not really discrete steps. They are placeholders that we use to have linear conversation. Linear conversation like this: "The dog is brown." That's a linear thought.

So, in order to communicate in words, we reach for linear thoughts that help us amplify what we're saying. They don't actually define what we're saying. But they amplify what is happening vibrationally in the conversations we have with each of you. At the center of these conversations is intentional manifesting.

But we want to talk more specifically about how intending is manifesting.

When you are sitting in the intending, which you do all of the time with all sorts of things, you're actually manifesting.

Imagining is not manifesting--specifically not manifesting--which is good.

That's how you can watch a movie about Godzilla and not worry about a 60 foot lizard trampling through downtown.

You have imagining that allows you to do a lot of things--play with ideas when you're ready. And you do this all of the time with the majority of everything you experience in physical terms. When you're ready, you move into intending.

Intending is manifesting.

We talk about allowing as being a step following intending--and we'll talk about this much more in this series--but allowing is actually something you're doing because you have decided that you're going to take control of how the manifesting works.

Allowing is only meaningful if you are holding on to something. Allowing is what you do when you take an inbreath and when you take an outbreak.

Intending and manifesting are one and the same. The only reason that there is the step of allowing in between is because you have decided you're in charge and that you are in control--not directing--but controlling. That's the only reason that allowing is a meaningful word at all, and why letting go and giving in and giving up are even meaningful conversations.

That's just where we begin.

Where this series of conversations goes will be completely and entirely up to each and every one participating.

We invite you to bring your questions about what arises as a result of the conversations we bring to the table. Whatever that contrast may be, we invite you to bring it to the table. Indeed, we look forward to our interactions with each one of you knowing that is delicious and as powerful and as delightful as they all are, that they'll only be getting better and better and better from here.

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