Instant Manifestation

Instant Manifestation

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21 day series, Manifesting


Start Date: Wednesday, July 31, 2013
End Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Includes: 21 conversations, 2 workshops
Length: 07:52:18

The idea of an instant manifestation seems, for many of you, a fanciful dream that would be nice, if only it were possible and, well, regular.

However, what you may not realize is that most of your life is an instant manifestation. When you blink your eyes, as an example, what you see next is an instant manifestation.

What most of you think of when you think of instant manifestation, from a deliberate perspective, is something akin to a magician waving a magic wand and producing, a-la-ka-zam, a white rabbit out of a hat.

What we invite you to experience through this 21-day series of conversations is not so much instruction on how to make deliberate and intentional manifestations instantaneous, but rather how to allow them to be so naturally, as they are meant to be.

This will be a unique series of conversations. We invite you to review the list of topics and then feel into whether this is something you want more of. You will know if it is.

If so, we do very much look forward to connecting with you on this very delicious and very special topic. So much really is possible as you decide to allow it to be so.

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