Immediate Intuition

Immediate Intuition

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7 day series, Intuition


Start Date: Saturday, January 2, 2016
End Date: Friday, January 8, 2016
Includes: 7 conversations, 1 directive, 18 questions
Length: 04:35:59

There is something within you that is always on and always available.

There is a red light that lets you know when something isn't for you, when it feels worse.

There is a green light that lets you know when something is for you, when it feels better.

You always have this intuition.

And it is immediate.

In this series of 7 daily conversations, along with your questions, rampages, and directives, we invite you to call upon this intuition, immediately.

There certainly is no rush.

It is never too late, and certainly never too early, to call upon your intuition.

Through this series of conversations, we will be inviting you to discover for yourself the immediate and instant power of your intuition and you use it already and how you can use it regardless of whatever may be happening.

This power is amazing.

It is always on.

It is always there.

It is easy to get to.

It is simple.

And, it is obvious.

The simplicity of all of this is, as we have said many times before, one of the most confounding aspects of this entire topic.

So, we invite you to explore and apply your intuition immediately and if it feels better to do so, we invite you to get on board this particular train and ride it all the way down the line as we powerfully explore the single most important thing you have available to you right now.

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