Correlating Wealth: Contrast, Desire, Alignment, Allowing

Correlating Wealth: Contrast, Desire, Alignment, Allowing

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21 day series, Wealth


Start Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
End Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Includes: 21 conversations, 3 workshops
Length: 09:13:00

Correlating: "having a mutual relationship or connection, in which one thing affects or depends on another."

You literally cannot bring any thing, idea, or concept into physical manifestation until you have let the correlating of the source of the idea happen.

What this means in very practical terms is this:

  • Contrast brings to your attention the nature of the idea
  • Desire powers and fuels the having of the idea
  • Alignment shows you specifically what you actually want in practical terms
  • Allowing steps you back and away from the management of the idea so that it can manifest

When you are correlating, you are working with every part of your creation and recognizing that every part, every person, every thing in your reality is helping you to have precisely what you desire.

When you are correlating, life moves more fluidly. The jarring stops and starts dissipate because you are no longer throwing up roadblocks of resistance all over the place since you now understand why desire and contrast are intertwined.

When you are correlating, what you want manifests more easily than ever before because you acknowledge and appreciate what you have and can see how your alignment is more important than the idea of what is wanted. This is a very, very important concept that we look forward to going more deeply into through this series.

When you are correlating, the intrinsic value of who you are and the life you are creating and the connections you have with all the amazing people in your life become more and more obvious. The freedom inherent in this awareness will fill you with awe.

And so this is where we start.

And as the series progresses, and you bring your powerful and delicious questions to each of the workshops, we will have the opportunity to show you why, in very real and practical and specific terms, each part of correlating is necessary to translate a desire from a vibrational reality to a physical reality.

We very much look forward to connecting with you through this series of conversations, questions, and answers. Very much indeed!

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