Cash Flow

Cash Flow

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7 day series, Flowing, Wealth


Start Date: Saturday, August 5, 2017
End Date: Friday, August 11, 2017
Includes: 8 daily calls
Length: 04:07:18

Cash is that which you have, right now, in your hot little hands.

It's marvelous, it's wonderful, it's delicious.

You like having it.

We don't mean that you should like having it, we mean that you do like having it.

Putting your attention on what you have, such as cash dollars or pounds or euro, is activating the flow of having more of it.

You are, quite literally, flowing your attention in the direction of the cash that you like and amplifying the feeling of having of it.

You have plenty now.

Noticing that you have plenty now means you get more opportunities to notice how much more you have.

Thoughts. Amplify.

So, we invite you to decide for cash flow.

And, as you do, we look forward to your questions, including those that you think are thorny and those that you think are difficult.

What a delicious experience it is to talk about one of our favorite topics: the plenty of cash flow!

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