Weightless Freedom

Weightless Freedom

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Start Date: Wednesday, November 5, 2014
End Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Includes: 8 conversations, 1 workshops
Length: 02:17:28

There is so much freedom to be had when you are willing to look at your body and say, with great clarity, "This is exactly right."

There are, undoubtedly, many external and internal voices which are pleading and imploring you to just do something, anything, about that body of yours, to fix it, to heal it, to make it better.

And here we want to offer a different perspective:

Your body, as it is right now, is exactly right and perfect.

You may have a different opinion.

And we are not intending to change your mind.

After all, all those voices are quite a cacophonous symphony and we would not want to add ours to their shrillness, however well-intentioned they may be.

It is our intention to invite you to have freedom now.

You can have any opinion of your body that you want.

And... we do want to invite you to have the freedom that comes when you are willing to allow something that you don't like to be exactly what it is.

Your body is amazing. This is a metaphysical truth.

And you can have freedom, and peace, and joy, as you look at your body.

We invite you to see what we see. Or at least to be willing to do so.

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