Practicum: Instant Manifestation (Cash)

Practicum: Instant Manifestation (Cash)

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7 day series, Manifesting, Practicum, Wealth


Start Date: Saturday, July 9, 2016
End Date: Friday, July 15, 2016
Includes: 8 daily calls
Length: 05:43:49

You never really get anything perfectly right.

This particular bugaboo seems to get under the skin of many of our physical friends.

And we certainly understand why.

In the chaotic universe, you need to get things right. This is considered essential for successful living.

In the intentional universe, the harder you try, the harder it gets.

In this powerful and delicious series of seven daily conversations, along with your wonderful questions and the magical answers that call forth, we will be offering you practical exercises to help you realize your amazing skills as a conscious creator who can bring forth instant manifestation.

Now, to be sure, this will not be a series of parlor tricks or rabbits being pulled out of hats.

In this practicum, we will offer you seven practical processes that you can use (or not) as it delights you to do so.

We don't offer these processes as principles to be practiced or adhered to. They are simply ideas to sample and use or edit or discard as it pleases you to do so.

Our focus in this practicum will be on the instant manifestation of cash. You can use these processes for any topic, but this is the one that it seems to us is the most useful and the most practical and the most immediate. In other words, it's the one that is the most likely to get you interested in helping yourself in this particular way.

We start with and end with one delicious thought: Instant manifestation is already happening.

We are inviting you to get on board with that fact and let more and more of the moments of your day be the amazing experiences, right in front of you, that they so easily can be.

And, as always, as good as all that we have offered has been, this will only be better and better.

And we look forward to connecting with you through this experience as it pleases you.

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