Now That I've Won The Lottery

Now That I've Won The Lottery

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21 day series, Wealth


Start Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2013
End Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Includes: 21 conversations, 3 workshops
Length: 09:21:48

Many of you have your own version of what it means to win the lottery. It may having nothing to with any sort of lottery at all. We are using this term to speak of you having the experience of wealth that you want, in the way you want to experience it.

For most of you, it may seem like something that will happen later.

In this series, we continue our conversation about the having of money and we want to move, vibrationally, into the time and space after you've already won and are now having exactly what you wanted before.

Whatever your version of winning the lottery is, let us walk with you and point out what is the same and what is different now that you have won.

This isn't a journey or a conversation about how to get there.

This is a revelation of what it feels like now that you've achieved what you set out to accomplish and how much better life is and how much more delicious contrast is arising.

Metaphysically, you undoubtedly understand very well why this is a powerful journey. We are moving in, sitting down, and setting up shop in the reality you are conjuring up. We are noticing what it feels like to be there and how it's all organized. Very delicious indeed!

There are no topics that we list for this series other than to note the passing of the days.

The reason for this is that we are traveling with each of you individually through these first 21 days after you have what you want and we are discovering, along with you, what delights you have brought forth in this new version of your experience.

There will be no to-do lists on this journey. There will be no inspired actions to take.

All that will be happening is an account of how this is working out so beautifully and perfectly for you, in all the ways that are exactly right according to what you are bringing to the table.

Thisis a unique experience and, once again, you are invited to join us on the leading edge of the leading edge.

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