Unreasonable Cash

Unreasonable Cash

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7 day series, Unreasonable, Wealth


Start Date: Saturday, September 17, 2016
End Date: Friday, September 23, 2016
Includes: 7 daily calls
Length: 04:07:58

The instant manifestation of cash is an unreasonable and illogical idea of the highest magnitude.

And yet...

We invite you to develop a highly unreasonable approach to this metaphysically-correct idea.

You can have what you want, in the way you want it, right here and right now.

This series of 7 daily conversations with your delicious questions and our powerful answers is all about holding a thought of unreasonable expectation that you have what you desire right here and right now simply because you have the desire.

As we once asked:

What could be more unreasonable than to say that no matter how you got here, that this is the right place and the right time in the right way?

What could be more unreasonable than to say that the past is meaningless, except for the love and the joy and the freedom that you remember?

What could be more unreasonable than to declare that you are an unlimited being of light, having a deliciously abundant experience right now?

What could be more unreasonable than to decide that all that matters is that you feel better because feeling better is where you are going to meet up with what you are intending?

What could be more unreasonable than to direct your reality from that place of freedom that is constantly available and that says, clearly, that you can literally have the most exquisite life you are willing to have?

As we did then, we offer you these rhetorical questions as a way of inviting you into the deep and profound nature of this conversation that is all about cash and, yet, is not about cash, at all.

We, of course, are profoundly unreasonable.

We know that this will be the best of these delicious series of conversations to date.

And that is because, of course, it can be no other way.

That is what it means to hold unreasonable expectations. And we invite you to do the same and more.

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