Allowing Delicious Relationships

Allowing Delicious Relationships

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7 day series, Allowing, Relationship


Start Date: Saturday, March 19, 2016
End Date: Friday, March 25, 2016
Includes: 7 daily calls
Length: 04:51:29

In this powerful series of 7 daily conversations, with your questions, we invite you to have increasingly more delicious relationships in your life now.

To begin, we focus on that one relationship from which all others arise: the one you have with yourself.

We will not be saying that until you love yourself, how can you love anyone else, because this idea has a faulty assumption: that you do not love yourself.

Rather, we will be offering ideas and suggestions about how you are already very much loving yourself and how that can easily extend to the other people in your life.

If you have been wanting to move into a delicious relationship with a romantic partner...

...this may be just the conversation for you as we will be inviting you to begin where you are with the intimacy that such a relationship includes.

If you have been wanting to amplify the deliciousness with your present romantic partner...

...this may be just the conversation for you as we will be inviting you to notice aspects of your relationship that are wondrous and amazing already, and as you do so, you will find more and more evidence of how this is already the case.

If you have been wanting to cultivate ever-improving relationships with your parents, your children, your family, your friends, and the various butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers...

...this may be just the conversation for you as we will invite you to notice the true basis of all relationships is simply the existing unconditional love between you and anyone who appears in your reality and whose presence is very much a benefit to you both, as yours is as well.

This series of conversations will not solve your relationship so-called problems, but it will offer you many delicious opportunities to shift your perception from what you don't like to what feels so very much better.

And as your perception shifts, so too will your reality.

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